Growing up with a salon in the basement of her childhood house, Jill followed her mothers footsteps and is now going on 25+ yrs in the industry. She opened Sauvignon Salon in 2006 on faith and a prayer, with only 3 yrs of residence in Kansas. Without a dollar towards advertising, her clientele has been based on complete word of mouth. Now going on third location, Jill has used her creative talents to design and build each space single-handedly. An excellent mentor and graceful business owner, she's finally living her ultimate dream.

"I wanted to create a place for people to come and feel like they were getting their hair done in my living room."

She specializes in hair care, cuts, coloring, brow shaping, and styling.

Approx Pricing:

Haircuts: Womens $45 Mens $28
Colors Ranging From: $125-$160
Brow, Lip, Chin: $15/each

Additional Pricing after Consultation.


Loyal as loyal can be, Hong was noticed by her work, first. Her dedication to precision and intricate detail is nothing less than amazing. Starting off quiet and shy, Hong has 15 yrs under her belt and has flourished into a sassy and accomplished hairstylist. Robin to Batman, Hong has been Jill's right hand man from the very beginning, utilizing her unbelievable artistic abilities to help design the salon, and has single-handedly created all graphics to make this a real business.

"I love working at Sauvignon Salon because we always have each others back, this is not a place of competition. I love that when I wake up in the morning, I don't think to myself, 'gosh I hate my job!' Everyday I look forward to seeing my clients. I love making them look good and they make me feel good knowing that they trust me."

Specializing in men's cuts, cuts, colors, updo's, chi straightening system and brow shaping.

Approx Pricing:

Haircuts: Women's $40 Men's $28
Colors Ranging From: $100-$175

Smooth Ritual $250-$400

Additional Pricing after Consultation.

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Even as a young child Candice knew her career would be in a salon. With 17+ years in the business, including a brief pause to earn her Instructor license at a cosmetology school, Candice finds that being in a salon is truly where her heart and talents are at best. Candice is incredible passionate about what she does and her integrity for quality ingredients matches beautifully to our mission to keep the beauty industry safe and clean. As a mother she strives and succeeds in balancing both worlds and she continues to educate herself in the ever-changing world of hair. 

"Being the newest addition to Sauvignon Salon, I can honestly say I have found a home. I love my job and I love doing what I do! The energy is real, and every time you come to Sauvignon Salon you leave with a friend or two!" 


Specializes in specialty colors, blondes, and haircuts. 

Approx Pricing: 

Haircuts: Women's $50 Men's $28
Colors Ranging From: $90-$150

Additional Pricing after Consultation.